Effective data storage & security

Effective data storage & security

Loss of company information and data via e-mail amounts to over 24 billion dollars annually worldwide, according the Gartner Group. Have you got confidential data and information flows in your company under surveillance? Is your data storage & security organized safely and cost-efficiently? MDES analyses and advises.

Have you got your data under surveillance?

Information is your company’s most valuable asset. It fuels your productivity and distinguishes you from your competitors. But how do you keep the flow of digital data under surveillance? Do you know where specific data can be found and whether your data storage is efficient, safe and cost-efficient?

Is your system performance and compliance optimal?

An optimal archiving strategy for your data brings infrastructural advantages, such as quicker back-up & restore, better performance, and lower management and energy costs. It also offers the opportunity to meet current compliance requirements.

Is your working capital secure?
Circulation of digital information throughout your company brings certain risks. The chance is greater than ever before of company-sensitive information getting into the wrong hands; information such as customer data, financial data, intellectual property and trade secrets.

HotColdFrozenData® analysis

With the results of an analysis with the MDES HotColdFrozenData® modules , you can implement an efficient storage solution and/or effective security solution in your company. The results of the analysis will enable you to select a ‘green’ data solution.

Further information

For further information about MDES HotColdFrozenData® modules, mail info@mdes.nl. HotColdFrozenData is a registered trademark of MDES Holding bv